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Riviera Maya News provides top Cancun and Riviera Maya Mexico news headlines with daily features focused on Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Riviera Maya News is headed by a professional journalist who has written for magazines including Lifescript (now Everyday Health), Vida Vibrante, Daily Glow, Vista Magazine and Voxxi News.

After digital publications, she spent six years providing professional brand marketing content to private clients before returning to journalism where she became copy editor then managing editor for several print newspapers in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

As a longtime permanent resident of Mexico, she was interviewed by AOL in 2011 to provide insight on the misgivings of safety in Mexico. It was then she realized the need for a concrete, real-time professional headline news system aimed at the English-speaking community. A system that offered readers unbiased, factual content about Mexico and in particular, Cancun and Riviera Maya.



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