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Riviera Maya News is an innovative and accomplished news source established in 2014. We deliver compelling, diverse and engaging articles in a digital newspaper-style format. We provide news for every type of consumer including millions of English-speaking nationals and the millions of international foreigners who call Mexico home.

Riviera Maya News is the go-to English news source for the millions of global travelers who vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya as well as to those who call the region home. 

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Riviera Maya News is honored to have such generous readers. As of late, we have had many queries as to how readers can financially contribute in place of their using website tools such as adblocks, tools that have resulted in considerable cuts into our only form of revenue, online advertising.

Readers with a generous heart can contribute (via a donation) by sending funds to PayPal using

Please note that your support of Riviera Maya News does not constitute a charitable donation, as such, your contribution is not eligible for deduction as any form of gift nor a tax-deduction elsewhere.

Your generous contributions support Riviera Maya News’ journalism.

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