Riviera Maya News is a Riviera Maya Media company in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico (Lic. 08053856). We are a daily online news source serving the English-speaking and local bilingual community with an interest in the region.

We are a non-warfare news service, providing news on Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, also known as Riviera Maya. Riviera Maya News is tailored with edifying regional content, travel news, essential soft politics and some global headlines as well as informative health and lifestyle articles.

Riviera Maya News brings readers top news stories from around Mexico by a dedicated freelance staff who work hard to provide up-to-date news features.

Our Team

Alba Llanes: Alba is an established writer, editor and teacher of Spanish literature with more than 30 years of writing experience. Although she has contributed to various online publications, she is known for her many academic publications.

Anne Perez: Well-versed in working virtually, Anne has extensive experience with code and broadcast marketing as well as writing and editing for various internet publications throughout the US and Mexico.

Anthony Tormina: As a freelance writer, Anthony writes about all things film. His second love is comics and gaming, however, his professional news-writing and editing skills are often displayed throughout various US online magazines.

Brian Todd: Brian’s eclectic writing background includes travel and business writing, but his professional passion is health and wellness. His work has been published in American newspapers and in nationally distributed magazines.

Chris Jones: A creative sports writer, knowledgeable editor and social media guru, Chris spends most weekends in his small Canadian hometown teaching video and film technique classes.

Diego López: Educated in Spain and enjoying his new-found freelance lifestyle, Diego has been uncovering the latest in Latin-related news stories since 1997.

Drew Magney: As a correspondent for a high-profile American magazine, Drew has held positions of interviewer, columnist and book author. He has spent more than 15 years as a writer.

Gils Turnbull: Writing since he was a child, Gils is a former European television journalist turned freelance writer. He enjoys contributing to a variety of online and offline publications throughout Europe and North America.

Michael Fitzgerald: Michael’s writing passion lies in technology, business and science. He’s held corporate senior editorial and management positions and has been widely published in popular American magazines.

Michelle Simon: With numerous years in corporate research, Michelle is an advocate for public health. She is well-versed in health law, policies and marketing when it comes to consumerism.

Miguel Bravo: While his first love is Latin food, he enjoys sharing his knowledge on many other topics including Latin culture and art. You can find Miguel’s work in a variety of Latino magazines and online publications.

Robert Leichter: Robert is well-known for his video marketing and website designing, however, he is also a passionate published European author and freelance writer.

Sabrina Rodriguez: Published author, part time writing coach and full time writer, Sabrina’s expertise lie in news story complication and production. She was recently given an honorable mention for her journalistic abilities.

Spencer Hall: A lover of all things sports, Spencer has worked for several major companies as a contributor and editor. He’s a self-admitted internet writer addict.

Susan Adams: As lifestyle writer and editor for one of Canada’s most established magazines, Susan also enjoys freelance writing for a variety of online publications. Her genre includes covering everything from art and automobiles to wine and cheese.

Raúl Alzaga: Although of Puerto Rican decent, he was born and raised in Mexico City where he freelance writes full time for a variety of news sources in both Spanish and English.

Ricardo Fuentes: A graduate history buff and full time resident of the beautiful port city of Vera Cruz (Mexico), Ricardo’s writing skills are often exercised in the areas of politics, culture and trending news stories.

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