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Abandoned Cancun houses being rescued to fight security issues

Cancun, Q.R. — The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals says they are working on a list of abandoned houses in Cancun in order to help fight security issues.

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) says they, along with other business associations, are making a list of abandoned properties in Cancun. They say the project is not only to preserve the city’s urban image, but also to help with the generation of insecurity since many of the abandoned houses are being invaded.

Tayde Favila Soriano, president of AMPI Cancún, explained that the goal of the project is to have the Urban Image Commission of Cancun, the Employer Confederation of the Mexican Republic and the Caribbean Business Coordinating Council join to help identify the houses.

The work cannot be done only by AMPI, she says, adding that all the associations must work with the municipal and state authorities.

“We have been working on this proposal for more than a year. The state government, through the Secretariat of Urban Development and Sustainable Territorial Development, is already committed to supporting the prjoect,” she said.

Once they have the list of properties in a state of neglect, the next step would be to carry out public policies and even sanctions for those who abandoned the properties explaining that the state would also implement incentives to those who rescue the projects.

She says the Confederation of Workers of Mexico have accounted for at least 2,000 abandoned houses that have created security issues including vandalism and invasions. She adds that the houses range from the Cancun Hotel Zone into the city and include both houses and buildings.