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A win, not-so-win for island of Holbox

Holbox, Q.R. — The island of Holbox remains in the middle of a win, not-so-win situation as they bounce back from a near environmental collapse.

Following the failure of island water and electric services, the occupancy rate declined from a full house to a current 40 percent, explained Antonio Bastian Marín, a member of the Association of Tourist Cooperatives of Chiquilá.

He said that businesses on the island were having a prosperous tourist season prior to the one-day closure of the Holbox ferry crossing. However, the news of the island’s problems quickly spread causing potential visitors to be fearful of saying at Holbox.

“Before the problem of Holbox was revealed we were almost 100 percent, which then fell to 60 percent, but now we are at 40 percent.

“First the chaos was due to the excess flow of people, then it was the fear of tourists wondering if the island would have services or if they would have an unpleasant experience on the island,” he said.

Bastian Marín said that some tourists were even asking where the fecal matter was on the beaches so they could avoid going there, to which he replied he had not seen any and that the island was safe for walking.

“In theory now is high season for us, all August, but we are very low. It was only two weeks of good flow that we had, now we hope that August will be good because September and October and two weeks of November will be low before the rebound in December,” he explained.

Although the one-day closure benefited the island with on-going repairs and maintenance to their water, sewage and electrical problems, business remains low.