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A total of five arrested for manipulating Playa del Carmen ATMs

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A total of five people have been arrested in Playa del Carmen for placing obstructive devices in ATM trays.

The arrests were made by the Policía Turística de Solidaridad after the group were seen on recently installed surveillance cameras placing devices into money trays of ATMs. Police say after the detection of the first paper-filled ATM slot, security devices were installed in all ATMs.

Photo: Dirección de SP

It was this security footage they say that allowed members of the Policía Turística de Solidaridad to identify and capture the subjects when they were seen manipulating an ATM on Albatros Street and 38 North.

Upon the arrest, police also confiscated a vehicle and motorcycle along with tweezers, wires and pliers allegedly used to block ATM money trays.

The four were transferred to the General Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit, where they were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry. They have been identified as 43-year-old Daniel O. H. from Tabasco, Bernardo S. A. 28 from Chiapas, Jeovanny C. E. 20 from Yucatán, 33-year-old Maria Esther G. of Yucatán and 34-year-old Cesar Iván C. P. from Playa del Carmen.


In a press release, police reported that the arrests were the result of preventive and surveillance work carried out by personnel of the General Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Transit to provide security to citizens.

Last week, one male was arrested after he was seen manipulating an ATM in central Playa del Carmen.