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A sharp increase in complaints against city bus drivers

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A rise in the number of complaints against public transport drivers in Playa del Carmen has resulted in a series of investigations.

The Department of Transportation and Highways says that they have seen a rise in the number of complaints from citizens who say public drivers are not honoring student and senior discounts.

Sangri Alejandro Salgado, director of the agency, explains that when proof of credentials has been provided, drivers are obligated to make the 50 percent discount.

The transportation department also says there have been rumors of drivers charging more during different times of the day, saying there has been word of an increase of drivers after 11:00 p.m. who are charging double the price.

“But so far we have not received any complaints (about the fare increase). It is necessary to do so in order to follow up and punish these drivers…the reality is that a fare increase is not allowed any time of day. That’s against the rules. The passage is always the same,” said Alejandro Salgado.

He adds, “The reality is that drivers are not allowed to increase the fare at any time of the day.”

He urges people who have experienced a problem with public transport drivers to call 072, which is a number manned by the city to handle complaints concerning public order.

Alejandro Salgado says that another wide-spread problem with the public drivers is their use of cell phones while driving. He urges the public to report them.

Public transportation drivers can be fined 50-times minimum wage if found guilty of violating city laws.

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