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A crackdown on illegal businesses in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – During the past month, approximately 100 businesses in Playa del Carmen have been caught operating without proper permits.

One of the latest discoveries was a jewelry store in Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, who was fined 250 times minimum wage for operating without a license. While most of the businesses have been given time to get their licenses, three of the businesses have received complete suspensions.

Javier Zetina Zavala, director of collection and examination, explained, “We took a census from where we had already visited more than 3,000 businesses in different areas such as the Center, Colosio, Playacar, Gonzalo Guerrero colony and Zazil Ha (…) and of the 3,000 we visited, 100 were found in violation but were given 15 days to get the proper paperwork.”

He said that checks on businesses continue as they visit establishments west of the city, after the Federal road and part of the subdivisions in that area. Zetina Zavala said that there are more illegal businesses in the west than there are in the sea area (centro).

He said, “In Villas del Sol, they recorded a thousand business during the last check which was made ​​earlier this year. Even businesses such as hotels are found missing the proper verification and sometimes they have up to 10 violations.”

These checks are in addition to inspections of the agency that have taken up the challenge of finding the establishments that are selling alcohol to minors.

Zetina Zavala says that this week alone, they found another three illegal businesses.

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