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A Cozumel hotel removes coatis to benefit tourists

Cozumel, Q.R. — A hotel in Cozumel has been given the go-ahead to remove approximately 40 coatis from the island saying the wildlife bother tourists.

The federal government authorized the unnamed hotel, which is located in the south part of the island, to capture and relocate about 40 coatis which are a native species to the island. The animals are to be moved to the mainland at Puerto Morelos.

The reason the hotel gave for the move was that the animals “bothered tourists.”

“Hotel investments are welcome, but entrepreneurs must leave a large clean area so that natural species can continue to live there,” said Guadalupe Álvarez Chulim, of the Civil Association Cielo, Tierra y Mar.

Guadalupe Álvarez Chulim

Without giving a name, she said that a federal environmental official told her of the hotel’s request to transfer the coatis and remove them from their natural habitat.

The Wildlife Office of Semarnat authorized the transfer. The concern is that the coatis of Cozumel are different from those of those on the mainland. Environmentalist worry that their genetics could be modified through breeding, a reason for which the officials who approved the transfer have been reported.

Álvarez Chulim says that the natural beauty of Cozumel has to remain intact.

The hotel, which remains unnamed, has allegedly been denounced on social media platforms in the past, being accused of poisoning the coatis for the benefit of the tourists who stay at their hotel.