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A beach vacation in Mexico just became more expensive

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Tourists wanting to vacation on the country’s main beaches will have to fork out more money this year. While tourist supply has stagnated, demand has skyrocketed in the country with the increase of flights and lodging along Mexico’s main beach destinations.

A report by El Financiero found that traveling by plane to a traditional beach destination in Mexico to places like Vallarta, Los Cabos, Huatulco, Mazatlan, Cancun and Riviera Maya, costs an average of 3,350 peso per person this year, 28 percent more than same time last year.

Vacationing during June or September during traditional low season months also costs more by an average of 45 percent. A reason for the price hike is likely due to the fact that these popular beach destinations receive nearly 90 percent of all leisure travelers in the country.

Armando Bojórquez, owner of Viajes Bojórquez said, “Demand increased so much this year that prices went up and there are a lot of trips from convention groups as well.”

Travel experts also note that the increase of locals and foreigners to beach destinations are those who are taking advantage of the depreciation of the peso against the dollar.

Agustín González, president of the National Association of Travel Agencies, explained that flights offered this summer are impacted by several factors including the exchange rate. “Normally to travel to Cancun the price is 2,000 pesos, but in high season it reaches 7,000 pesos,” he said.

“Airlines and hoteliers have their rates indexed in dollars, and although it has already seen a recovery of the peso, the dollar is more expensive than a year ago. Then when prices increase for plane tickets or hotel nights, there are those who can pay because they are foreigners or domestic travelers with high purchasing power,” Bojórquez noted.