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76 new police units readied for Cancun street patrols

Cancun, Q.R. — Nearly 80 newly leased police units are scheduled to arrive in Cancun to increase security patrols throughout the city.

In a press conference, Cancun mayor María Elena H. Lezama Espinosa announced the installation of the new vehicles that have been adapted for police patrol use for the municipality of Benito Juárez. She says the city of Cancun has leased 76 new units that are already in Public Security facilities.

The newly leased fleet consists of 50 double-cabin patrol trucks, 10 Explorer vans and 16 motorcycles, all equipped and ready to conduct surveillance tours, which according to Lezama Espinosa, is an effective way to combat crime.

“This helps fight corruption. The new patrols have a life of three years, so with this contract, we will have new operative vehicles for three years,” she explained.

The current municipal government received vehicles that were part of a lease contract from the previous administration and confirmed that changing to an acquisition scheme would have been financially unfeasible.

When not having the more than 70 million peso needed to pay for the purchase of the patrols and their maintenance, the option was to lease them again. The contracted company, Lumo Financiera del Centro, offered a lower leasing option than in the contract of the previous administration, with ample insurance coverage, as well as the preventive and corrective maintenance for each of the acquired units.

Earlier this week, Carlos Bustos Álvarez, director of the Cancun Tourist Police announced the addition of 30 new members for the Cancun Hotel Zone also in a bid to strengthen security.