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7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico City, 389 aftershocks

Mexico City, Mexico — Another earthquake has rocked the city of Mexico, sending tremors south of the country.

On Friday early evening, an earthquake was recorded in Mexico City and into the south of the country. The telluric movement was of magnitude 7.2. In Mexico City, the seismic alert was activated at 5:39 p.m. and lasted just over two minutes.

The federal government confirmed that the 7.2 earthquake did not cause human losses or major damage. There are only incidents of minor damage.

The epicenter of this first earthquake was in Pinotepa Nacional, in Oaxaca, 11 kilometers deep. The company SkyAlert mentioned that the magnitude 7.2 earthquake was not a replica of the earthquakes on September 7 and 19.

Supervision has already been carried out at the CDMX metro facilities. CDMX Fire Chief, Raúl Esquivel, said there were gas leaks at some points, the collapse of a concrete barrier and false reports of landslides.

The condors of the Ministry of Public Security reported that, there are no major impacts in the Mexican capital.

Personnel of the Regional Security, Federal Forces and Gendarmerie Divisions deployed throughout the Republic began tours of the entities where the movement was perceptible in order to assess whether any damage or injured persons are present.

In regions where helicopter support was available, supervisory overflights have been initiated for a faster assessment. In Mexico City alone two rotary wing aircraft were used to access damage.

Federal agents supported the zones where the eviction of homes and businesses was ordered to provide safety.

Although there have been a few recorded earthquakes already this year in other parts of the region, this latest in Mexico City is the strongest of 2018.

The National Seismological Service has since reported that up until 5:30 a.m Saturday morning, about 12 hours since the quake hit, 389 aftershocks have been recorded with the strongest being 5.9 hitting the Oaxaca region.