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68-year-old Cancun man arrested for attempted robbery

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun man has been arrested after a failed robbery attempt on a dive shop business.

The failed theft occurred Tuesday afternoon when municipal police responded to an Emergency 911 call of a robbery.

The event took place in SM 03 of the city’s center. Reports say that an armed man entered the dive shop in an attempt to rob it, however, the owner of the business fought with the man. The struggle ended with the robber being shot in the head with his own gun.

When police arrived, they found a bleeding man who had been subdued by citizens. The man was found carrying a firearm.

When questioned, witnesses said that moments before the man tried to assault the business and that the owner struggled with him and took the gun and they decided to help to stop the man from fleeing while they waited for police.

The man has been identified as 68-year-old Gonzalo N who was treated by paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross and transferred to a hospital in the city for medical care.

He was eventually arrested and handed over to the Attorney General’s Office.