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41 dead in four days in western Mexico

In four days, 41 people have died in clashes along Mexico’s western states between last Thursday and Sunday. Eleven of them lost their lives in Acapulco, a city in the state of Guerrero. Seven others died in the state of Baja California and 23 died in Ciudad Juarez. In the first two cases the alleged criminals were found weapons that should only be used exclusively by the Mexican Armed Forces.

Guerrero State Police explained that at dawn on Saturday, January 7 there was a confrontation between its agents and “armed civilians”. Among the eleven, as a result of this shooting and a subsequent counterattack, two minors were killed.

In addition, authorities reported that they managed to free four people who were kidnapped by the group to which the dead criminals belonged. In addition, there were 38 people detained, two of them, the brothers Vicente and Marco Antonio Suástegui, with an arrest warrant for qualified homicide.

In Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, two attacks against groups of the Mexican Navy ended the lives of seven people belonging to the aggressor camps. The first attack against the forces of order occurred when four people “presumably belonging to organized crime” shot at a patrol of the forces of order. All four died.

The second attack was from a vehicle in which there were three people, who attacked the agents who sought to intervene. Two of them died from bullet wounds and one third, as a result of a car crash in which they were riding.

In the two cases, those of Guerrero and Baja California, the alleged criminals had weapons that are for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces of Mexico.

In Ciudad Juárez, there were 23 people killed between last Thursday and Friday. Spokesman Alejandro Tubalcaba said that on the first day there were 15 dead and the second, eight.

One of the problems that generate this level of violence is in the legislative field, according to security analyst Samuel González. Although the Congress “establishes the laws with great requirements”, then “it does not allocate sufficient budgets” for its implementation.