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25 government officials up against impeachment charges

Cancun, Q.R. — The Justice Commission of the State Congress approved the request for impeachment against 25 officials of the last state administration.

Carlos Mario Villanueva Tenorio of the state commission said the impeachments will include the former finance secretary, Juan Pablo Guillermo Molina, former municipal president of Solidaridad, Mauricio Góngora Escalante and the former governor, Roberto Borge Angulo.

The deputy explained that of the global package of petitions for impeachment, which was put together by Carlos Mimenza, an exhaustive analysis of the 31 cases was carried out. Of those, six were discarded for not meeting the requirements to be submitted for processing with the remainder being submitted.

“There are 25 judgments of which the Great Commission can rule, he said adding “Most of them are for former officials of the last administration led by former governor Roberto Borge Angulo.”

Another one of the judgement is for Pedro Flota Alcocer, ex-president of the Great Commission in the past legislature.

He specified that the Justice Commission is responsible only to review, according to law, to see if the requirements are met for the subject involved to be subjected to political judgment. This will be the first time that the Legislative Branch presents a request for a political judgment against 25 people, which could lead to the political disqualification of those that have been accused.