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More than 23 million peso put into city road system

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Government of Solidarity reports the extension of road work being done in the city will help everyone become more mobile.

Advances in the construction of better roads will help reduce transit times and road accidents, reported the General Directorate of Infrastructure. The General Director of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Environment William Conrado Alarcón said that as part of the Road Interconnection program, work is being carried out on the extension of Chemuyil Avenue in different sections such as between the CTM and Calle Agua, Jacinto Pat and Tecnológico Avenues, and from there to Islas Antillas.

“This section in particular is of great importance since it will facilitate the access of people to the Red Cross, Civil Protection and Social Security, which are of great importance for citizens. Likewise, it will allow residents in subdivisions such as Villamar to have a safe exit route to major roads,” said the official.

Similarly, he added that the new avenue between the CTM and Agua Street will connect neighborhoods such as Santa Fe, Galaxia del Carmen and Bosque Real to Plaza Las Américas.

“We are projecting that once the work is completed, more than 10,000 families that live in the nearby subdivisions will benefit. The work also includes construction of garrisons, sidewalks and public lighting and are integrated work for the benefit of all citizens with an investment of over 23 million peso,” he explained.

He noted that improvements have also been made in the road connectivity of Xel Ha Avenue in the La Guadalupana subdivision, Lilis Avenue between Villas del Sol and Mission de las Flores, the 65 north avenue between 50 and 54, as well as between the Constituyentes and the Andrés Quintana Roo.

The access lane of Universities and Constituents Avenue was paved, and the rehabilitation of streets and avenues in the Colonia Centro, Villas del Sol, Mision de las Flores, Bellavista Extension, Carmen Mission, El Pedregal, Aviación, Centro, Zazil Ha, Gonzalo Guerrero, Luis Donaldo Colosio, Nicte Ha, Lol Tun, Balam Tun, Guadalupana and Villas Riviera.

In the tourist area, work was done to restore the urban image with the removal and replacement of paving stones on Fifth and 10th Avenues. While in communities such as Jacinto Canek, Pacto Obrero Campesino, San Carlos, Grupo la Selva, Vida and Esperanza, Emiliano Zapata and Santa Cecilia the access road was repaired with leveling and filling of material.

Currently, the Works Department works on asphalt paving of five centimeters, from the Constituyentes Avenue from the Vial Arch to Fifth Avenue, which will make this a safe road for both citizens and tourists visiting this destination.