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200 kilograms of garbage removed from PDC sewers in two days

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – In an attempt to avoid potential flooding during this year’s rainy season, utility crews have been out in full force removing garbage from local sewer drains.

In the span of two days, the city has collected 200 kilograms of solid waste that has been deposited in the city’s sewer system.

The Directorate of Urban Cleaning and Maintenance, which includes the Directorate of Municipal Utility, reports that most of the waste has come from neighborhoods like Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta and Ejido.

“This type of waste is made up of different garbage such as organic and plastics. Workers have been very active in this area since the first rains started since last Tuesday, ” said Adrian Lagos Manzanilla, director of Maintenance and Urban Cleaning.

He noted that this year, they have launched a permanent team of four brigades which are composed of 10 people that rotate turns cleaning, plus an additional 20 others that make up two teams who make up the night shift.

Manzanilla Lagos said that as in previous years, the garbage near and inside the sewers is vast and is the main cause of clogging, which causes the streets to puddle when intense rainfalls occur.

“We are urging people to not throw garbage in the streets, to take out their bags as the garbage trucks pass, to keep the sidewalks and patios clean. It all works toward helping and preventing future flooding,” said Manzanilla Lagos.

He said that the crews work to clean the sewers year round, but the work intensifies this time of year during the rainy season.

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