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Two Mexicans arrested after drug plane lands in Belize

Belize — A plane was confiscated and three men arrested by police Sunday at the Belize order with Mexico after they were found transporting drugs.

According to a report, the take down occurred in the district of Blue Creek where two Mexican nationals and a Belize man were taken into custody after a reported gun battle. The exchange of bullets took place after police surprised the criminals by intercepting their twin-engine plane after it landed on the Belize-side border of Mexico.

The small plane, which was loaded with approximately one ton of cocaine, was intercepted as it landed. On site, police from Belize arrested the three men and confiscated the small plane while police on the Mexican side of the border cordoned off the area.

The arrested Belize man is reportedly a police officer. The pilot of the plane managed to escape. The plane had arrived from Colombia.

The Mexican armed forces arrived for inspection and security purposes. This year, the number of abandoned or crashed planes found on the border between Quintana Roo and Belize has increased, indicating an increase in the activity of the drug route.