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16,000 unclaimed voting cards sit at INE

Ricardo de la Rosa Ruiz from the National Electoral Institute (INE) is appealing to citizens to go to their local INE office and pick up their voting card.

Without the card, registered or not, citizens of Mexico cannot cast a ballot.

As of now, Ruiz says there are more than 16,000 cards ready for pick up that have not been claimed.

The deadline to pick up the renewed INE card is March 1, 2015. After that day, all unclaimed cards will be placed in a locked vault and can then only be claimed after the June 7 election.

“As of March 2 card kiosks will close, credentials will be safeguarded and citizens who have not picked up their credentials before the first of March, will be able to pick them up June 8, the next day after the federal election,” he said.

The total of unclaimed cards is 16,327 of which 8,004 belong to citizens of Solidarity District 1; 3,940 are from Chetumal District 2; 4,383 unclaimed INE cards are from Cancun District 3.

For more information on INE office times and locations, citizens can use INETEL Telephone System (01 800 433 2000) or INE online


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