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Over 1,600 new businesses open in Playa del Carmen this year

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Government of Solidarity says that in the first nine months of this year, more than 1,600 new businesses were opened in the municipality.

Municipal President Cristina Torres Gómez reports that a total of 1,670 new companies have been started already in the area. She says the municipality offers various mechanisms, training and guidance for future entrepreneurs through the General Directorate of Economic Development in coordination with the Youth Institute.

Head of municipal Economic Development, Beltrán Aguilera, says that from January to October, more than 1,670 small and medium enterprises were created in Solidarity, which resulted in the creationt of more than 3,580 new jobs.

“Solidarity continues to be a privileged place for the creation of new companies. Our goal is to facilitate the way for these new entrepreneurs to carry out their projects and have more chances of success,” said the official.

Beltrán Aguilera stressed that the unit he heads provides training courses for the creation of companies, where they are provided with the necessary tools for the development of each area including administration, sales, marketing, advertising, among others.

“Among the main genres of new companies are restaurants or food businesses, agencies and clinics. Everyone is given the same importance and support, guiding them and giving them the help they need to get it going,” he said.