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16 Cancun police officers to remain behind bars for at least six months

Cancun, Q.R. — After a 12-hour hearing, a Cancun judge has ordered a six-month detention for all 16 municipal police officers involved in the forceful removal of the secretary of Municipal Public Security.

The male and female municipal officers were arrested last week and have since been accused of rioting. During the 12-hour court hearing, the judge found them to be involved in the crime of rioting and ordered preventative detention of each for six months while the prosecution investigates.

The judge made the ruling in spite of defense lawyers requesting the release of the defendants, however, the State Prosecutor General’s Office requested the justified preventive detention against those involved.

The 16 municipal officers were arrested less than a week ago in compliance with arrest warrants issued by a judge against 19 involved in the crime of mutiny. Three officers with arrest warrants have yet to be located.

The 16 agents that were apprehended remain behind bars at the Cereso in Cancun.