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150 million peso bail set for ex-official

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An extraordinary bail has been set for an ex-official of Quintana Roo who was recently arrested in Playa del Carmen.

Former director of Expendables, Felipe de Jesus Castillo Meseta, was taken into custody September 24 after current municipal authorities filed a complaint against him for the diversion of more than 200 million peso of municipal funds.

After a case assessment, the judge set bail for 150 million peso saying that after the review, he felt Castillo Meseta had a high degree of participation in the charges against him seeing that he was in a position to transfer funds without a superior signature.

Castillo Meseta is accused of being involved in the diversion of more than 200 million peso from municipal and federal resources that were labeled for work projects.

In an interview, current Solidaridad mayor Cristina Torres Gomez made the bail announcement, saying this was the reason Mr. Meseta remains in prison. Although she did reserve details so as to not obstruct the investigations, Torres Gomez mentioned that the official of the administration of Mauricio Góngora Escalante was securely linked to the process.

Castillo Meseta is the first of the ex-mayor’s officials to be arrested. State authorities continue to locate others.