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14 Cubans rescued off coast of Cancun

A group of 14 Cuban citizens traveling by boat were rescued when they made land at Puerto Juarez, one of the main ferry terminals at Cancun.

The eight men and six women, one of which was a minor, were rescued April 13 by Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) when their makeshift boat was spotted off the Yucatan coast.

Semar reported seeing the boat about 7 kilometers north of El Cuyo, Yucatan while a Navy aircraft was conducting normal air surveillance. Naval Station Search and Rescue was ordered to the coordinates provided by Navy personnel, and from there, began the guided rescue of the fragile homemade boat.

Semar explained that the rescue was part of the Human Rights International Protocols law, which is to safeguard human life. Personnel from the Fifth Naval District at Isla Mujeres granted authority to rescue the Cuban boat. As part of normal rescue procedures, all on board were provided with medical care, food and water.

After reaching the naval station at Puerto Juarez, the health of all on board was confirmed before they were handed over to the National Migration Institute (INM) for legal proceedings.

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