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13 injured in Cancun combi, truck collision

Cancun, Q.R. — Police report that a collision between a public combi and a pickup truck in Cancun Friday night has left 13 injured.

An incredible crash between a collective transport unit and a private pickup truck left the front of the combi destroyed and the truck overturned. The collision happened Friday night on Luís Donaldo Colosio Boulevard at the height of the Cherries Motel.

Preliminary reports say that the two collided when one of the vehicles entering the main stream of traffic failed to give way to the other. Police and paramedics from several ambulances arrived to tend to the injured.

Two people were taken to private hospital. The driver of the pickup was hurt along with all 11 passengers and one driver inside the public combi unit. In total, 13 people were listed in need of medical attention.