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12 arrested at Cancun airport for traveling with fake documents

Cancun, Q.R. – For the second time this month, El Salvadorians have been arrested at the Cancun International Airport for attempting to travel with fake documents.

A group of twelve people were arrested at the Cancun airport on October 23 for attempting to travel with fake documents. A report from agents with the Federal Police said during routine inspections, the accused were taken aside for questioning. Once their stories began to contradict one another’s, they were asked to produce identification.

As with the previous people caught earlier this month, 10 of the 12 produced fake Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) cards. Two were carrying Mexican birth certificates that were supposedly issued by the Registry of Chiapas. After questioning, the accused admitted they purchased the documents and that they were originally from El Salvador.

The six women and six men were waiting to board Aeormexico flight 2367 bound for Monterrey.

The Public Ministry of Federal Jurisdiction opened a case against them. It is a federal offense to produce false documents.

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