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110 die in Havana crash including entire Mexican crew

Havana, Cuba — The death toll in the Friday Havana, Cuba plane crash has reached 110, of which seven are reported to have been Mexican.

Cuba media has reported that 110 of the 113 on board the Friday flight perished in the crash, including the entire Mexican crew. The plane crashed moments after take off Friday when it was headed for the the eastern province of Holguin.

At a press conference, Cuban Transport Minister Adel Yzquierdo Rodríguez said that among the passengers were six Mexican crew members and one Mexican tourist, all of whom died. Among the deceased are also at least five children.

The Cuban government is faulting the Mexican company Global Air for the care of the Boeing 737-200 that crashed Friday near the José Martí airport in Havana. The aircraft was leased by Cubana de Aviación.

Adel Yzquierdo says, “There are different formulas. In this case, Global Air was responsible for maintenance. We had rented this plane less than a month ago. We keep all the documentation which shows that the crew was certified and fit.”

The death toll for flight DMJ 0972 Havana-Holguin consisted of 113 people. Six were Mexican crew members and 107 passengers, of which there were 102 Cubans and 5 foreigners, one of them Mexican.

So far, only 15 of the deceased have been identified by relatives.