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11-year-old makes way from Guatemala to Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. – An 11-year-old child was picked up in Cancun last week when a concerned citizen saw her wandering the dark streets of the city.

Municipal authorities located the girl to find out that she had made her way from Guatemala to Cancun on her own. The girl, Roxana, said she was from Concepción in Guatemala and left home because of the sexual abuse and physical violence.

Upon further questioning, child authorities discovered that Roxana left her home, taking no personal belongings. She said she had heard of this place called Cancun and after thinking about it for a few weeks, decided to go there to get away from the daily abuse.

She explained that she managed to get a ride from her city to the border at Chiapas where she crossed into Mexico without any problems.  Somewhere after crossing into Mexico she met a man who said he could take her to Cancun. She arrived in the city on September 30. The man gave her 200 peso for food, which is when she was seen by a concerned passerby.

The local Cancun woman stopped the child and offered her something to eat. She then asked the girl about her parents, which is when the girl lied, saying her parents were out working. The woman became suspicious of the girl’s story and called authorities at a local domestic violence group who came and collected her.

Roxana says she has one younger sister and two older sisters who have also left the home of their father and stepmother. Roxana, who is 11, cannot read or write because her parents never placed her in school. The girl said that her daily duties did not include school but included housework, sweeping, ironing and cooking food for the family.  She has been placed with DIF in Cancun who will ensure her safety as well as assign her case to a special prosecutor for a preliminary investigation into sexual abuse against a child.

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