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11 military soldiers arrested in Cancun Hotel Zone for disorderly behavior

Cancun, Q.R. –Only days after arriving to Cancun, 11 military soldiers have been arrested by police for drunk and disorderly behavior.

Tourist police in the Cancun Hotel Zone arrested 11 elements of the military police Thursday night after they were found disturbing orderly peace and urinating in public.

The situation was brought to the attention of Cancun police around 11:30 p.m. in the hotel zone after several complaints. Preliminary reports say that citizens made the call regarding the drunk group of men who were disruptive and urinating along the public streets.

When responding to the call, members of the tourist police were reportedly assaulted by the intoxicated military men who tried to pass themselves off as ministerial police. The group of military men were apparently drinking in the Mandala nightclub.

Municipal authorities were called in to assist with the detention of the drunk men. The military officers were arrested and transferred to a holding cell.

There was no statement issued by heads of the newly set up military barracks, however residents in Cancun have expressed their concern over the actions of the officers who they say were brought to the city to help with security, not make it worse.